Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Aqueduct compatible with?

Wide Mouth Compatibility:  

  • Aqueduct Bottles
  • Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Bottles
  • Takeya Wide Mouth  Bottles
  • RTIC Wide Mouth  Bottles
  • ThermoFlask Wide Mouth  Bottles
  • Fifty/Fifty Wide Mouth  Bottles
  • Klean Kanteen Classic Wide Mouth  Bottles

Small Mouth Compatibility:  

  • Hydro Flask Small Mouth
  • Klean Kanteen Classic Sport Cap Bottles

Yeti Compatibility:

  • Yeti Rambler Bottles

Nalgene Wide Mouth Compatibility:

  • Nalgene Wide Mouth Bottles

What is included with the Aqueduct?

  • Aqueduct Essentials includes the lid, hydration tube, and bite valve
  • Aqueduct Adventure Package includes everything in the Essentials, plus a tube insulation sleeve and an extra long tube cleaning brush (
  • Aqueduct Ultimate Package includes everything in the Adventure Package, plus a 32 oz insulated Aqueduct bottle

How do you clean the Aqueduct?

The Aqueduct is best cleaned using our custom extra long tube brushes. All pieces of the Aqueduct disassemble for keeping your Aqueduct squeaky clean!

Here's a link to a handy tutorial.

Why did you create the Aqueduct?

We were frustrated with one problem: Hydration Bladders Suck. They leak in your backpack and are easy to puncture, get moldy, and can't keep your water cold for long.  Insulated bottles are awesome for keeping drinks cold and are more sanitary, but don't offer enough convenience for active adventurers.

Enter the Aqueduct: A revolutionary bottle accessory that upgrades your Yeti, Hydro Flask, or Nalgene into an ultra-convenient hydration system. The aqueduct delivers maximum hydration convenience while keeping your drinks cold super long in your Yeti or Hydro Flask! Less time stopping to deal with the hassle of bottles & backpacks = more time doing what you love most ❤️